Kerso is a firm that assists public and private contractors in the areas of urbanism, cultural facilities, and national heritage. Its services range from preliminary studies to operational follow-up.

The company is headed by Marc Deportes, who was born in 1961 and graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, as chief engineer in bridges, water and forestry. Mr. Desportes began his career in urban planning before moving into the field of urban design. He subsequently became a master planner for projects involving the Pinault Collection. Since 2006, he has been in charge of master planning mandates at Kerso. He continues to think about the uses of space, and in 2005 published Paysages en mouvement.

Some references:
Urbanism : Expert assessment of the project EuropaCity (ongoing); establishment of a Global Media Center on Seguin island (2011); Report on the Port de la Lune in Bordeaux (2010); Diagnosis of the great landscape at the Palace of Versailles (2009).
Cultural facilities: preliminary study for the Cité du Festival de Cannes (2009); restoration of the Pointe de la Douane in Venice (2007-2009); creation of the Mobile Art pavilion for Chanel (2006-2007).
National heritage: Renovation of the Clermont-Tonnerre hotel in Paris (ongoing); renovation of Greystones Villa in Dinard (2012-2014); renovation of the Palazetto Zane in Venice (2007-2009).

Kerso often works collaboratively with: A et Cetera, architect Pierre-Antoine Gatier, urban planner Muriel Pagès, Setec engineering.

Kerso Consulting, 83, boulevard Richard Lenoir Paris 75011, France
LLC with a capital of 1000 €, RCS Paris: 491 036 810, Code APE 741 G

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